Moved – New Date: May 21 to May 25 2021

Dear friends of Well-Groomed Motorcycling,

Matthias and myself, as well as the members of OT 317 Bielefeld (Germany) are very pleased to be the host of the 28th German biker meeting from May 21 to May 25 2021 (Pentecost).

At first we have updated the website “„. Because of programming difficulties you will be redirected from there to

Here you will find all informations about the event and the possibility to register immediately

The website will be updated continiously. So you will find more information about the event and especially about the routes later.

Dispite of the Bielefeld conspiracy “ Bielefeld, the city that doesn’t exist“ we are looking forward to your registrations and to give you a warm welcome here. (The Bielefeld conspiracy“, see Wikipedia, is a running joke in Germany since 1994 years)

Of course we will send the secret travel map promptly to all registered guests.

You are invited to have a look at the guest-list

Kind regards from Bielefeld

Peter and Matthias

OT 317 Bielefeld

For your registration please click here